Melbourne's Best Scrap Metals Yard

Turn your scrap metals into quick cash!!...

Why spend your weekend searching for the right bin to throw your scrap into? Or ditch your metals for little or no $$$?... Come into Hart Metals and get efficient, quality service and the cash your old treasures deserve. get in touch.

Hart Metals is conveniently located on 90-92 Boundary Road LAVERTON NORTH VIC, 3026. Stop by - we'll be happy to take your scrap and turn it into cash

How you'll be served:

1. Pull Up

Come into Hart Metals, 90-92 Boundary Road LAVERTON NORTH VIC, 3026. View Map

2. Park It

One of the team will direct you where to park your car and then bring a bin to your vehicle.

3. Paid It

You'll get the $$$ your scrap metals deserve. (cash or cheque)

Where We Are

90-92 Boundary Road LAVERTON NORTH VIC, 3026 View Map

Scrap Metals We Take

Get cash for a wide range of metals, including:

Steel, HMS, Insize & Cars (must have I.D. tags), Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Irony Aluminium, Lead, Stainless Steel & Radiators... CLICK HERE to see a full list Metals List